Rikavinne stands as the capital of the Tlelan colonies situated as the metropolitan hub to the surrounding isles. While Rikavinne is theoretically under the rule of the Tlelan monarchy with assistance from the governing parliament, the notable absence of the king and the seclusion of the royal family has created a vacuum of power in which various special interest groups have been vying for control of the crown. 

Rikavinne has long been seen as a symbol of a new beginning. With lax regulations on immigration, the city stands as a beacon for different people of all walks of life to come and contribute to a new founded country. Combined with the absence of the king, the streets of Rikavinne have become a haven for more nefarious activity which has built itself into the bedrock of everyday life. The line  between light and dark dissolves for a bleak grey landscape of ambiguity as you climb your way to the top however you feel is necessary.  


Streets of Rikavinne